Are dental implants covered by insurance?

In most cases, dental implants are not covered by dental insurance. However, some insurance companies have started providing some level of coverage due to the long-term patient benefits of dental implants, compared to other dental treatment options.

It’s important for you to contact your insurance company about the coverage as some dental insurances may help pay for the implant crown portion. You might also want to ask them if they will give you an allowance towards dental implants equal to the cost of the other dental treatment options (e.g., a bridge or traditional dentures) that they cover.

At Implant and Periodontal Institute of Torrance, we offer affordable financing through CareCredit. [Note: Certain conditions may apply.]

Please contact us if you have any questions about dental implants and financing options. Telephone: 310-320-5661


保険会社によっては、インプラント歯冠 (クラウン) 部分の費用の支払いをしてくれるところもありますので、そのようなことが可能か否か、ご自身の保険会社にコンタクトされることをお勧めします。また、ブリッジや従来の入れ歯など一般的に保険対象になっている治療オプションの費用を、もし歯科インプラントを受けた場合でも、ブリッジや入れ歯にかかる費用を手当額として与えてもらえるかを保険会社にお問い合わせされることもお勧めします。

歯科インプラント、又はお支払い方法のオプションについて何がご質問があれば当医院までご連絡ください。お電話番号: 310-320-566  

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How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last well over 15 years or longer if you properly maintain them with adequate brushing and flossing as well as regular dental check-ups and a cleaning twice a year.

Can my body reject a dental implant?

According to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists it is rare that your body will reject your dental implant if properly treated by an experienced dentist.